Local Contexts

Local Contexts is an international system supporting Indigenous communities in the management of intellectual and cultural property, cultural heritage, and environmental data within the digital environment.

Core to Local Contexts are the Traditional Knowledge and Biocultural Labels and Notices. They are mechanisms for Indigenous and traditional communities to engage with cultural and research institutions in management of their traditional rights over their property and knowledge.

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Local Contexts provides legal, extra-legal, and educational strategies that connect people and places to knowledge as it travels across digital platforms.
By providing strategic resources and practical solutions, Local Contexts and our partners are working towards a new paradigm of rights and responsibilities that recognizes the inherent sovereignty that Indigenous communities have over knowledge and data that comes from lands, territories, and waters.

The Local Contexts Hub allows Indigenous communities to adapt Traditional Knowledge and Biocultural Labels to their needs and share them safely with institutions, researchers and data repositories. It also allows Institutions and Researchers to generate Notices and engage with Indigenous communities about the appropriate use of the Traditional Knowledge and Biocultural Labels.